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About Building Reports FNQ

We produce high quality building and pest inspections. Cairns Building Reports FNQ guarantee peace of mind for families, couples and investors when purchasing or selling their homes.

Building Reports FNQ provide comprehensive reports written by professionals to provide you with information on any structural, pest and termite or moisture problem so that treatment can be undertaken as soon as possible. Our prices are surprisingly competitive and subject to type, condition, age and location of the property.

  • Provide clients with easy to read, informative and pictorial building reports.
  • Provide a service for clients to make them feel confident to make well considered choices and peace of mind.
  • Provide predictability and control in their decision making.
  • We provide sensitivity to each client’s needs and concerns.
  • We are dedicated toward striving to give the best possible service.
  • Provide clients with information which is understandable, practical and delivered in a friendly timely fashion.

We have been in the building and timber pest inspection industry for over 30 years. We focus on:

  • Traditional values
  • Sincerity
  • Fairness and working hard to provide an excellent service.
  • Producing easy to understand building reports
Rob Martin:
Builder - Cairns Building Inspections
Call 0423 428 332 We enjoy a high level of respect from the public and others in the industry which has been built up throughout the years.

Work with us for the highest quality building and pest inspections. To get a free quote on your next inspection, please call our team on 0423 428 332 or click here.