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Cairns Pest Inspections

Cairns pest inspections are not only in Cairns, we service areas from Babinda to The Daintree and up to the Tablelands. A pest inspection is recommended prior to purchase of a property ensuring there is no hidden structural issues.

All homes contain some timber elements that can become vulnerable to attack from pests. Typical of all older building, there will be some timber members affected by excessive bow, spring, rot and insect attack. There will also be areas of rot/insect attack which has been concealed over time.

Our service provides a licensed and accredited pest inspector following Australian Standards and using the latest microwave technology to detect and identify pest related risks with and around the property.
Skilled technicians provide a thorough inspection to evaluate the extent and or the need for a management program.

The Pest Inspection Report mostly will be sent within 24 hours of inspection.

Timber pests include:
Termites, wood borers and wood decay fungi (wood rot).
These timber pests are common in all properties and can undermine timber structures.

We also offer Maintenance & Renovation

With over 30 years of experience in all aspects of the construction industry our knowledge and reputation sets us apart from our competitors. We handle a diverse range from minor maintenance around your home or business or a multi skilled renovation. No job is too big or small and we listen to your needs  >> Read More